Buying a Home in the Charlottesville Area

The process of buying a home should be a fun, and enjoyable one. Home ownership is rewarding and carries with it a strong sense of pride in the space you get to make your very own. However, the decision isn't always an easy one. With so many homes to choose from, in so many different neighborhoods, all at different price points and amenities they offer, it becomes a little less clear on what's right for you. The last thing you want is buyers remorse.

I work with you to understand your wants vs needs. Your tastes. Your lives today and how things may change during ownership. Your appetite for taking on a project. What your money can get you in our market. I enjoy discussing the future vision for homes, improvements to suit your needs and those potential cost impacts. 

Please take a look around and begin your search here on this site. Reach out using the form below so we can start a conversation and put a plan together to find the home you desire. 

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