Buy a Rental to Pay for College

College is insanely expensive and there's no signs it will get any better. And it's not just the tuition, it's also the living expenses. I believe the best thing you can do for your child, which helps you as well, is to buy them a rental property. It will cost you less than taking out a loan, or even putting the money into an investment fund.
Use the cash flow today for your own benefit, or sock it away into a fund for your child later. When college comes around, let them use the cash flow for their living expenses. After college, hand it over to them and they can continue using the cash flow to make loan payments, or refinance/sell and use the cash to payoff the loan.  They have options. 
When is the best time to start? As early as possible. 
Did you know a $450k house today will likely be worth $650k in 10 years. In 10 years time you would make enough off that rental to pay for your childs entire college, and still have extra equity from all the debt your tenant paid down, plus get to enjoy the cash flow.

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