Sell your Investment Property & Avoid Taxes on your Profit

When you sell a rental property, you're going to pay tax on the gains, and it's called capital gains tax. This will cost you almost 20% of your profits. But, there's a way to avoid it, and it's by using what's called a 1031 tax exchange. Essentially, you take all the money from the sale and roll it into another investment property, and voila, there's no more taxes. Now, of course, it's going to be a little more involved in that, and there are some other things to consider, but stay with me. Depending on how long you own the home, and with the amazing appreciation we've seen lately, this could be a huge amount. Now, if you don't use all the money, you can use some of it, and you only be taxed on the part that you don't use. I strongly encourage you to consider using this tool to help PROTECT YOUR WEALTH. And just remember that this needs to be started or put into place prior to selling the original property.

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